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Splintex Gold


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Splintex Gold is an easy to use topical paint used to reduce cold older splints.

No hair loss.

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Splintex Gold is an easy to use strong topical treatment, for cold splints, for beautiful legs.

What are Splints (Interosseous Desmitis)?

Splints involve lesions in the connective tissue between splint and cannon bones manifesting themselves as swellings and bony enlargements on the splint bones of both fore and hind legs. In early stages enlargements may be invisible, but deep palpation often reveals painful swellings. Later, calcified boney enlargements appear and if lameness is present, it usually disappears except where enlargements impinge upon the suspensory ligaments. Splints are at best unsightly blemishes detracting from the horse’s appearance and most importantly, value. In cases, they may be the cause of clinical lameness.

Why do splints occur?

Splints are caused by trauma, concussion and strain particularly in immature horses. Incorrect balances of calcium and phosphate in feeds fed particularly to growing horses, faulty conformation and incorrect hoof length, balance and angle may also be causes of splints. It is important to remove the cause if possible.

How to help prevent splints?

(1) Avoid excessive concussion and strain especially with young horses.

(2) Regular farrier visits, hoof oil and use your hoof pick.

(3) Feed nutritionally balances grains and forage especially to young horses.


Formulated for old cold splints
Other indications: capped hocks, sesamoiditis, early ringbone.
Interruption to the horse’s daily routine is usually not required.
Total treatment time may take more than 30 days for desired results.

Will not cause hair loss. Can keep in full work if not lame.

  1. Read bottle instructions.
  2. Apply very lightly (tap excess off brush). Avoid brush stroke overlap. When applied area becomes glossy, wipe excess or wash, dry, reapply. Take extra care in hot temperatures.
  3. Apply in a cycle of 3 days on, 2 days off.
  4. Bandaging is optional. Place cotton between the splint and plastic if a modified sweat is used.
  5. Continue as long as necessary.

Do not mix with DMSO.

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