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Tri-Tec 14® Fly Control (3.8L Refill)


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Tri-Tec 14® Kills the carriers of infectious diseases:
West Nile Disease, Lyme Tick Disease, Swamp Fever and many more are arrested by Tri-Tec 14 killing its carriers!

Keep your horse comfortable throughout fly season.

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Worried About Disease-Carrying Pesky Flies?

Kills Horse Flies, Stable Flies, House Flies, Face Flies, Horn Flies, Mosquitos, Crab Flies, Deer Ticks, Gnats, Lice, Midges.

Tri-Tec 14® Kills the carriers of infectious diseases:
West Nile Disease, Lyme Tick Disease, Swamp Fever, Zika and many more may be arrested by killing its carriers!

Tri-Tec 14® Fly Control may seem expensive but its potent effects and longevity more than justify its price.


Tri-Tec 14® is strong and is widely regarded as a winner within the horse fraternity.

Long-lasting and economical.

Give it a try, you will become an instant fan and undoubtedly tell all your friends about your wonderful find.

The most economical way to buy Tri-Tec 14®. This is refill and does not contain a sprayer.
Also available in a 946ml bottle with non-drip spray top.

British HSE 9215

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Weight 4.9 kg

946 ml Spray, 3.8 ltr Refill


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