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About Us

About Us

Experience | Knowledge | Passion


We have over 40 years of experience in all disciplines of equestrian sport: eventing, dressage, show jumping, racing, driving, endurance and western.

We are competition horse owners and producers. We know what we need to prepare and maintain a horse in top health for competition.

We have been all around the world to Word Cup shows, Olympics, Global Champions, major championships, actively involved with the competitors, helping put them on the road to personal bests and success.

Whether a competitor, breeder, producer, or happy hacker, we can help your horses enjoy a healthy life.


We have the breadth and depth of equestrian knowledge, and many products to help keep your horses fighting fit. We have a comprehensive staff of veterinarians on hand to answer your questions.

All of our products are backed by science with full studies and time honoured common sense supported by all of our years in the equestrian industry.

We are constantly looking for any new products which will maintain a happy healthy horse while being a world class competitor.

Whether hacking at home, or aiming for the Olympics, we look forward to adding you to our success story list of equestrian stars.


Our passion for keeping our eyes on the competitive edge will bring your horses the benefit of our years of experience.

Currently, we are actively involved in helping many riders around the world achieve their goals and dreams.

Supporting many world class riders in the forefront of the equestrian sport keeps us actively involved day to day.

We understand the pulse of the equine industry and what you horse needs to be healthy and happy.

We’re here to make healthy horses one at a time, starting with yours.

The Best From Around The World

Farnam Products, the finest all-around horse health company from the USA, offers something for every horse whether World Champion or Your champion.

We are the sole UK importers of:

Red Cell®, Vita Flex®, Tri-Tec 14™, Horseshoer’s Secret®, Weight Builder™, Quitt®, MaxFlex™, FluidFlex™, OTC™ Jug, Maxum® Crumbles, Forshner’s® Hoof Packing, Vetrolin®, Laser Sheen®, Icetight®, Equinyl™.

LAS Horse Helmets from Italy, technically advanced riding hats, sport Italian style and top safety specification.

Tingley Rubber overshoes, protect all your best footwear from the ravages of sand and mud.

Thank you for visiting our new site, we hope you find the product that suits you, if not please call or email any time.