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Wholesalers Welcome


Here at LS Sales(Farnam) Ltd., we provide a variety of products which you can sell with pride while providing you a good profit margin. Our products will have your customers coming back time and time again to buy.

We specialize in making YOUR business a success by supplying products at a competitive price, and giving you brand staples like “RED CELL” “ICE TIGHT” & “VETROLIN” along with the entire Premium Farnam Range from the USA. We offer an innovative edge in this competitive market.

With over 40 years of experience selling and using these products. We offer you a product portfolio of which we are indeed very proud. The term wholesale for us, is regarded as ordering box volumes by all wholesale customers.  Please feel free to contact us for an informal chat about our product range and what combination will best suit your customer base.

Please fill out the application form below to see how we can help your business grow!




Application for  LS SALES ( FARNAM ) LTD  Trade Price List

For WHOLESALE enquiries please fill in all questions of the application form provided. Please agree to the terms and conditions summary. Click on send, and we will contact you as soon as we have assessed your application.

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Terms & Conditions Summary

First invoice is proforma.  We do accept credit cards for payment.

Payment terms will be judged on an individual basis.

The property in the goods shall remain with LS Sales (Farnam) Ltd (the Company) until such time as any outstanding invoices are paid in full.

Risk and responsibility passes to the buyer upon receipt of goods.

If payment of the total price or other sums is not paid on the invoice due date, the Company shall have the right, with or without prior notice at any time, to retake possession of the whole or part of the goods and for that purpose to go upon any premises occupied by the buyer thereof without prejudice to any other action of the Company.

The Company reserves the right to incorporate a Credit Charge to invoices remaining unpaid after the 30 day period.

Prices are subject to change without prior notice.