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  • Keep the mud and muck off your shoes with Tingley

  • Problems with flies? Tri-Tec14 is the answer!


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  • Turns yellow to bright white and lifts out any debris to reveal a squeaky clean bright finish to the skin and coat. It really does do “what it says on the tin.”
    A little goes a mighty long way! Gives economical and amazing results, and it smells great!

  • Specially formulated surfactants produce a rich lather to gently lift away dirt, skin debris and dandruff. Protein-enriched conditioners repair split ends, giving your horse a lustrous shine, while PABA sunscreen protects skin and hair from environmental pollutants.

  • A delightfully aromatic camphor and soap concentrate used to soothe muscles and legs after work. It encourages blood flow to sore fetlocks, knees and tendons. With 5 essential oils and a hint of green soap it works deep down to revitalize and comfort.

    • Easy-to-use gel formula produces a cool flash followed by soothing warmth that lasts for over an hour
    • Counter-irritants increase blood flow and stimulate circulation
    • Provides instant relief for muscles, joints and swelling
    • Contains hyaluronic acid (HA) to nourish the coat,  leaving a healthy-looking shine
    • More on the leg, less on the floor.
  • It is a shampoo that gets the job done, especially for white horses that are so hard to get clean. There are no ‘flavours’ to choose from – it only comes in the ‘original’ shampoo form. But as generations of horse, cattle, sheep, goat, dog, etc. owners will tell you, it WORKS.

Showing all 5 results